Kong X.


Features that make Kong-X.


Powerful Tokenomics

Every Transaction of Kong X applies a simple 6% Tax System for trades.

3% – Marketing & Chain Development
2% – Liquidity Pool
1% РKONG-INU Growth 


Powerful Blockchain

Kong X Blockchain, Industry leading utilities and many unique and new features.

Kong X-Chain (Blockchain)
Ecosystem Swap & Bridge
All in One – Trading Systems


Products & Utility

Kong X is the future of all in one blockchains, Kong X provides the foundations for growth and scale.

Powerful Utilities
Smart Contract Support
Centralised Exchange Support.

Investor Roadmap

Phase 1

Launch on Ethereum 

Whitepaper & Roadmap

Blockchain Announcements

500+ Investors


Phase 2

XRC20 Blockchain Launch

Multichain & Swap (XRC20)

Wallet Launch (Desktop / Mobile) 

1000+ Investors


Phase 3

Smart Contact Support

Layer 2 Support

KONG-INU Migration to XRC20

5000+ Holders